Whether you’re dieting or trying to maintain, eating well can be hard work. Many people will count calories to try to stay on track, but it can be exhausting to log everything that you consume.

According to dieticians, the best plan for long-term success to healthy eating is knowing what you can have and how much of it to stay at a healthy weight.

Fulton Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at four ways to eat healthier without dieting or counting calories.

  1. Focus on Lean Protein

Foods high in protein will fill you up and are great for your muscles, but having too much red meat can harm you in other ways. Lean proteins like white meat (chicken or turkey), fish, and legumes like black beans and chickpeas are excellent sources of protein that are healthier than red meat. In addition, focus on healthy fats too, such as avocados, eggs, and nuts.

  1. Get Enough Fiber

Fiber is great for digestive health but it also will help keep you full and prevent you from snacking on empty calories. Whole grains, beans, and most fruits and vegetables will naturally give you enough fiber to keep things moving, but you can supplement if you need to.

  1. Load Up on Vegetables

In addition to fiber, vegetables contain plenty of nutrients and hardly any calories, so indulging in vegetables will only be healthier for you.

  1. Cut Back on Sugar

Some sugar—like the natural sugars contained in fruits—is okay for you, but avoid processed foods with added sugar. These contain no nutritional benefit and lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Of course, the occasional indulgence is fine, but as a rule, focus on natural snacks.

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